Biology and Investigating Science – Fieldwork / Depth Study at Penrith Lakes EEC

Pre-visit questions and resources

What is Penrith Lakes?

Why are we investigating it?


Why do we conduct fieldwork?

How do we conduct fieldwork?

(For ‘depth study’ modelling refer to student worksheet on this website)


Post-visit questions and resources

Abiotic Graphs – Final Detention Basin – (1997-2009)

Write a report answering  – How healthy are Penrith Lakes? Give reasons for your answer.

How sustainable is the lakes ecosystem?


Suggestions for post visit Depth Study

(Note: students should come up with their own questions)

Can mining sites be restored to a sustainable condition?

What factors impact on the water quality of a lake?

Why might the population of waterbirds differ between lakes?


Introduced Species Conclusion

Introduced Species Information Page