Kitchen Garden Program Testimonials


I am absolutely LOVING this KG program.
Last year our Opportunity Class team and the OC team at Beecroft Public School, caught up with the Head Teachers for Math, English and Science at James Ruse Agricultural High School. Quite a number of our OC students will go to JRAH, so we are keen to make their transition smooth. The Science begged and pleaded: Can you please teach them how to wipe a bench with a cloth? Cook something, even something basic? Light a match?  Please!
The KG program is teaching them these skills, whilst covering sustainability curriculum outcomes.  These skills are so helpful for them in life, and high school Science (and I presume Food Tech?). So thank you, thank you, thank you. NORTH ROCKS PS


Teacher Comments:

• Students love it, staff love it, parents love it, and everyone speaks about how they are enjoying it. People from outside the school have commented about how nice the veggie gardens are and enquired about the program. We hired an additional SLSO to support our teacher in running the program this year.  .Staff and student wellbeing has improved as a result of this program. Stories just keep on coming.

• A wonderful experience for staff and students! Children very engaged and enthusiastic about their learning and how they can promote this at home.

• I feel that the PBL project that we undertook at school this year helped me as a teacher to gain confidence in planning activities which would help the students to learn about sustainability. The students level of engagement was extraordinary.

• The Kitchen Garden program has made many great changes in our student’s lives. From constructing their own vegetable gardens at home, to trying new vegetables that they wouldn’t have dared to before. The simple tasks of producing small meals was new to many of them. Growing their own vegetables gave them a new sense of appreciation for the world around them and the importance of being sustainable.