Stage 3 Programs


Factors that Shape Places | Stage 3 | Geography

Focus – Geography – Natural Environment

Outcomes: *GE3-1 *GE3-2 *GE3-3

Through investigation of the issue, students will examine the geographical characteristics of the Penrith Lakes site, the interconnections between the place and a range of people with varying points of view, the role of government in the issue, and sustainability considerations.

Activities include: Introduction and tour of Penrith Lakes, water testing using geographical tools, field sketch, aquatic invertebrate and bird investigation.

Summary sheet on factors that shape Penrith Lakes. Evaluation of Penrith Lakes as a sustainable environment.

Key syllabus inquiry questions considered:

  • How do people and environments influence one another?
  • How do people influence places and the management of spaces within them?



Science at the Lakes | Stage 3 | Science

Focus – Science – Living World Knowledge and Understanding – Natural Environment

Outcomes: *ST3-1WS *ST3-2DP *ST3-4LW

A nationally recognised program where students work scientifically to investigate a local aquatic ecosystem and perform a first hand investigation to measure both physical and biological indicators of water quality.

Activities include: Introduction and tour of Penrith Lakes, water testing, aquatic invertebrate hunt and bird investigation.

Key syllabus inquiry questions addressed:

  • How do physical conditions affect the survival of living things?
  • How do the structural and behavioural features of living things support survival?