Stage 5 Programs


Sustainable Biomes = Changing Biomes at Penrith Lakes | Stage 5 | Geography

Focus – Changing Biomes

Outcomes: *GE5-2 *GE5-3 *GE5-5 *GE5-7

Students will investigate first hand how humans have altered the natural biome in the Penrith Lakes Parkland Area.

Activities include: Introduction and tour of Penrith Lakes and Field sketch, water and soil testing, Invertebrate survey, bird observation and water management practices.

Areas covered:
Examination of human alterations to the physical characteristics of biomes and assessment of environmental impacts of human alternatives to biomes.



Environmental Change and Management | Stage 5  | Geography

Focus –  “What are the causes and consequences of change in the Penrith Lakes environment and how can this change be managed”?

Outcomes: *GE5-2 *GE5-3 *GE5-5 *GE5-7

This program allows students to investigate first hand how humans have caused environmental change in the Penrith Lakes Area.

Activities include: Introduction to Penrith Lakes, water testing, invertebrate survey, bird observations and water management practices.

There is an examination of sustainable management practices at Penrith Lakes.