Factors that Shape Places | Stage 3 | Geography

This excursion addresses outcomes from the NSW Geography Syllabus.

Focus – Geography – Natural Environment

The geographical inquiry process will investigate Penrith Lakes Scheme as a contemporary geographical land use issue at a local scale. Through investigation of the issue, students will examine the geographical characteristics of the site, the interconnections between the place and a range of people with varying points of view, the role of government in the issue, and sustainability considerations. Students will also develop understanding of the decision-making processes and roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government.

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Additional Resources – Pre/Post Visit

Geographical ToolkitPenrith Lakes Draft Vision Plan


Science at the Lakes | Stage 3 | Science

This excursion addresses outcomes from the Science, Mathematics and English K-6 Syllabuses.

Focus – Science Substrand – Living World Knowledge and Understanding – Natural Environment

A nationally recognised program where students investigate a local aquatic ecosystem and perform a first hand investigation to measure both physical and biological indicators of water quality. Wetland plants and animals are studied, along with the effects of human activities. Web-based program “Macrobiotica” provides extensive material to support this program.

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 Australian Colonies | Stage 3 | History

Coming Soon…

If you would like to be one of the first schools to trial this excursion, please call the centre on 4730 3630.

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