Kitchen Garden Program

“Empowering for Life”

THE WHAT – To establish a curriculum integrated (Cross-KLA) ‘Kitchen Garden’ program (1-2hrs p/wk) to develop students educational and life skills, utilising PLEEC’s ongoing ‘face to face’ staff support.Not an ‘add on’ but timetabled into the regular curriculum (1-2hr p/wk) with an alternating Kitchen & Garden lesson schedule all year. A TPL day per semester/project via MyPL to facilitate staff collaboration.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO – measurably increase student engagement and achievement of:

• Cross-KLA syllabus outcomes and sustainability (LAC);

(research shows stronger student engagement & learning through collaborative ‘real world’ cross-KLA pedagogy);

• General Capabilities, including Literacy & Numeracy, Personal & Social Responsibility, Critical & Creative Thinking;

• ‘Wellbeing Framework’, including achievement, meaningful goals and enjoyment of learning.

• Other targets, such Healthy Canteens, SEF and NESA APSFT, NSW Health.

• Greater community engagement & school attraction value.

THE HOW – Check out the links below to learn more and contact Bran at to find out more!


2021 Kitchen Gardens Program

Kitchen Garden Program Risk Assessment

Program Overview and Stage Program Examples